TLH Translations

Translation - Interpretation - Language Learning

Mission Our aim is to provide high quality professional services enabling corporations and individuals alike to complete tasks and projects in their specific field and interest efficiently and effectively. As a Translation Service we offer services in unlimited types of materials, all language combinations, to persons and corporations across the globe. With knowledge and expertise, our highly qualified team both basic and extended guarantee quality and efficiency with follow-up support and advice. It is our pleasure to reply to any query or request, provide assessments, quotations or simply opinions with regards to translation or interpretation services Certified for official use. Completed for internal use. Αs a Foreign Language Service we offer guidance and tuition in second language acquisition to individuals and corporation staff. Second language acquisition, guidance and preparation for examination, certification attainment, personal requirements etc. Geographical location is neither a hindrance nor restriction.

  • Simple, fast, efficient, guaranteed and above all within your budget. 
  • Submit a sample of the task, or the task itself and receive it promptly at your convenience.
  • Obtain an appraisal for your one-time project or make us your own offer.  
  • Request exclusive cooperation to secure extremely competitive pre-arranged rates offering peace of mind and stress free project/task completion.
  • Certified - All translated documents are supplied certified at client's request lodging with authorities and bodies worldwide!
  • Send and receive your documents via courier service of your choice worldwide! Guaranteed safe arrival and return.