Language Courses for Adults 

(Since 1991)


Term 1 - Term 2 - Term 3


Commencement of language courses for the annual academic cycle for the acquisition of language skills and certification in the languages of:


The course aims to provide opportunities for adults for knowledge acquisition and certification in their chosen foreign language, resulting in the relative advantages and qualifications affording opportunities for all with the possibilities for improved financial and professional prospects, often relatively beyond one's grasp.

A necessary asset for additional future financial and professional advantages, the process of foreign language acquisition can be an enjoyable voluntary activity, which in return not only provides knowledge but also extremely high levels of personal satisfaction.


Language being a means of communication, there are no limitations to its use, neither to the reasons why we should learn one, even if that is only to make the initial first steps and merely obtain basic communication skills. Proper guidance in these first steps however, is the basis of excellent, permanent knowledge and skill acquisition. 

We undertake instruction in languages including English, German, Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, etc. through the highly qualified, professional, foreign language teching staff, at our premises but also those of your choice. The permanent teaching staff's experience in foreign language teaching, in excess of twenty years, and expertly selected supporting educationists, guarantees fast and comprehensive results saving you time and money.

Composed of teachers with extensive experience and proficiency in the target language, it being their mother tongue, eager to undertake teaching it to persons of all ages and unlimited interests bringing fast results. 

Obtaining proof of knowledge and certification from respective language examination bodies is one of your priorities, and therefore ours. We confer with you to assess your needs. Once a decision has been reached and the target set, the course is set out and completed with the desired result.

The examining body is of your choice. However, we are able to suggest the most appropriate and efficient way of selecting one suited to individuality. 

Reasons for language acquisition may be

  • employment,
  • education,
  • application to a foreign academic institution,
  • establishment or employer,
  • travel,
  • hosting friends from overseas or
  • simply for the love of learning foreign languages!